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"Allegan has a desire to do what they can to help businesses succeed. I would definitely tell people to do business in Allegan."
— Phil Siegler, MORPH LLC.

Main Street

Allegan Today

City of Allegan is located in Allegan County and in the middle of the Allegan State Game Area, where hunting, hiking, fishing, swimming and boating are abundant. A community with an unbeatable combination of historic small-town atmosphere and sense of community. In Allegan, the past is prologue to the bright future of the community. Allegan was founded with a vision of a community progressive in industry and innovation. One of the true splendors of Allegan is found in the breathtaking natural beauty that consumes every mile. Nature has painted Allegan like a beautiful canvas in every season. Allegan plays host to a variety of events, no matter what the season. The Allegan County Fair is one of the largest county fairs in the nation. Whether it is classic Christmas events, art shows, fresh produce from the local Allegan Farmers Market, or the riverfront gazebo with diverse musical acts that will entertain the whole family; Allegan offers something for every age or personal tastes.

Truly, Allegan is a great place to call home or visit. Enjoy the journey along Allegan's historic streets.

— Pure Michigan