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Hello 2019!
We will endeavor to update this City Manager Blog on a periodic basis as an attempt to keep the residents up to date on the weekly happenings with your local government.   As always, if there is something you want to know about the City of Allegan, just give us a call at City Hall (269.673.5511).

First and foremost I hope all of Allegan had a safe and and fun holiday season and that each of us were able to spend time with those we cherish the most.  

As we leave 2018 we are wrapping up several big projects in the City. 

Some significant projects started and/or completed in 2018 included:

  • The Kalamazoo River Stream bank Stabilization Project at the base of Perrigo's North American Headquarters.   This was a multi-million dollar project to stabilize the Kalamazoo River Stream bank was funded by FEMA and Perrigo Corporation, but oversaw by the City of Allegan.  
  • The Perrigo Riverfont Plaza Project located on the Riverfront.  This project saw the installation of the splash pad (ready to be used in 2019), a gas powered fireplace (already being used), reduced parking, more seating areas and additional landscaping.   
  • Ongoing maintenance and improvements to our Water Utility Plants.  Specifically a new paint job to our Hooker Road Water Tower, highlighting our city colors and new city logo. 
  • The sale and redevelopment of the city owned 136 Brady Street which is being fully rehabbed into four apartments on the 2nd floor and four commercial spaces on the 1st floor. 
  • The redevelopment off 118 Locust Street (the old JC Penny Store) which will be home to seven apartments on the 2nd floor and four commercial spaces on the 1st floor.   This project is happening because the City secured a $700,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to help pay for part of this rehab project. 
  • Ongoing work and outreach by the Allegan Police Department with various community organizations to ensure all Allegan residents live in a safe community.  Specifically the Police Department purchased two digital speed limit signs to better alert drivers if they are exceeding safe driving speeds.  
  • The Airport Terminal was constructed giving our General Aviation Airport a modern terminal for our local airport enthusiasts and visitors.  Did you know that outside sales people and local businesses use the airport to fly in and out of Allegan.  The airport is more than for hobbyists, but it also assists in growing our economy.  

Moving into 2019, several neighborhoods will be seeing the city invest in their neighborhoods with new streets, water and sewer lines and sidewalks.  Yes, 2019 will be a year of construction in several neighborhoods.  The following areas see the new investment:

  • The Russell - Robinson Areas,
  • The Riverside -Wolcott Areas, and 
  • River Street from Babylon to 118th Street.  
In addition to these construction projects the City will be unveiling the Downtown Plan: "Putting it all into Focus" in the early part of 2019 which will include the preferred streets cape design for Downtown Allegan, as well as plan to assist in developing the Mill District, to make it more accessible to the public.   

There are always many more activities and projects going on in the City, and as stated above, if there is something you want to know about the City of Allegan, just give us a call at City Hall (269.673.5511).

Thanks, and have a great start to 2019. 

Joel Dye, 
City Manager

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