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The City of Allegan is located in the southwestern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula in Allegan County, and lies within the Kalamazoo River watershed. The total City area is approximately 4.1 square miles or 2,682 acres. The City’s water treatment and distribution system serves the majority of the City of Allegan residents and a small portion of Allegan Township residents.

The largest water consumer on the system is Perrigo Co. which produces generic pharmaceutical products.

The Allegan WTP is located on Park Ave. adjacent to the Kalamazoo River. The water is pumped from 3 wells located on site at the WTP. The wells each have a pump capacity of 1,000 gpm, the firm capacity of the well pump system is 2,000 gpm or 2.9 MGD.

The WTP splits the well water and treats a portion of the water through an iron removal process and the other portion through a reverse osmosis process. The water processed by the iron removal system is not softened, this water will then be blended with the RO water that is softened and has the iron removed, to achieve the desired hardness level in the finished water. The plant was designed for a 1.0 MGD flow and a max 2.3 MGD flow with one unit out of service. An addition plant design criteria is located in the Basis of Design.

Processed water is stored in two tanks at the WTP prior to being pumped to the distribution system. The onsite tanks consist of a 250,000 steel tank and a 500,000 gallon concrete tank. The water from these tanks is then pumped to either the low pressure district or the high pressure district that serve the City. The WTP has two pumps that each provides 1,050 gpm to the low service area and two pumps that provide 770 gpm to the high service area and one pump that is capable of pumping water to either district.

Once pumped into the distribution system, the three water towers provide system storage and pressure to the customers. The system towers are, Western Ave, a 250,000 gallons elevated tank constructed in 1949, Hooker Rd., a 500,000 gallon elevated tank constructed in 1972 and the Northside tank located off River St., a 300,000 gallon elevated tank constructed in 1989. For more information on the water storage tanks see the water tank inspection and painting schedule. The distribution system is further described and capacities listed in the reliability study.

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