Public Works

Contact Information

  • For Public Works After Hours Emergencies-
  • Call Allegan County Central Dispatch
  • 269.673.3899

Department of Public Works

  • 691 Airway Drive
  • Allegan, MI 49010
  • 269.686.1115

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • 350 North Street
  • Allegan, MI 49010
  • 269.686.1117

Water Treatment Plant

  • 100 Park Avenue
  • Allegan, MI 49010
  • 269.686.1116

Water/Sewer~Turn On/Off

  • Call City Hall
  • 269.673.5511 ext. 223

Public Works

Public Works for the City of Allegan is divided into the following departments:
• Department of Public Works
• Utility Facilities Department

Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works maintains the roads, parks and city facilities and oversees water and sewer distribution for the City of Allegan. Rain, snow, sleet or sunshine, Department of Public Works strives to provide the safest traveling conditions and environment for citizens and visitors.

Utility Facilities Department

The Waste Water System provides wastewater treatment to all premises within the City and to a portion of adjoining Allegan Township.

The Waste Water Treatment Plant staff currently consists of a superintendent, assistant superintendent and two shift operators. The collection system is maintained by a division of the Public Works Department.

The City Water Treatment Facility is currently staffed by three Michigan certified water treatment operators. The operation and maintenance of the water distribution system is overseen by a Michigan certified operator.

The Water Treatment Plant provides drinking water for the entire community and a portion of Allegan Township.