Girl Scout Property Potential Residential Development

The City of Allegan is currently in a six month due diligence period with Interra Homes to see if the property commonly known as the Girl Scout Property can be developed as a residential neighborhood.  Through this process, Interra Homes will be evaluating the property and the community to determine what type of residential development can be successful on this property.  At the same time the city staff and city council will be engaged in this process to ensure that the final development is beneficial to the community.  

Click here to see the initial proposal from Interra Homes as submitted to City Council on March 11, 2024.  Please note, that this is just a concept proposal and as the developer and city maneuver through this due diligence period a more refined proposal will emerge.  

Click here to see the 2023 Allegan County Housing Needs Assessment.  This Assessment was developed under the direction of the Allegan County Community Foundation to provide a better understanding of the county's evolving housing market.